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Skype Counselling – Is it for you?

Skype Counselling with Dr. Sloat

Dr Sharolyn Sloat

Dr Sharolyn Sloat, Skype Psychologist

Let me ask you… Are you in need of help but cannot for some reason get to your therapist’s office? Maybe you are:

  • Very mobile due to your job, your lifestyle, etc
  • Bedridden or house-bound for some reason
  • Very private and do not want to be seen going into a therapist’s office
  • A computer fanatic who does everything, and I mean everything on your computer
  • In a town, city, country or remote location where you cannot access a therapist

If so, you may want to give Skype therapy a try. Do not allow the above reasons to stop you from getting the help you need!

Please feel free to email or call with me any questions you may have. >> Click Here <<